Thank you for your interest in IVFESA! As the voice of Idaho’s Volunteer Emergency Responders, IVFESA provides support, representation, and benefits for members. IVFESA is a vibrant and progressive organization thanks to dedicated members from across Idaho.

~Accomplishments – Events – Member Benefits~

  •  In 2010, IVFESA wrapped up its first recruitment and retention marketing campaign funded through a SAFER grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The campaign generated almost 1,000 responses from individuals interested in volunteering.
  • Following that successful marketing campaign, in 2010 IVFESA was awarded a $1.18 million SAFER grant for the Recruitment and Retention of Volunteer Firefighters.  Nearly 100 fire service leaders attended R&R Workshops in Boise and Mountain Home in 2011.  Workshops will continue statewide through 2014.  In addition to the workshops, this grant also provides for television, print and online advertising to recruit volunteer fire and emergency services personnel.
  • In August, IVFESA successfully completed its 7th Annual Conference in Donnelly, Idaho. Over 100 people received training and education in everything from extrication, live fire, propane and high angle rescue to arson investigation, Retention & Recruitment and EMS training with the St. Luke SIMS lab. Thanks to everyone who attended!  The 2013 IVFESA Annual Conference will be in September 2013 in Donnelly, Idaho.  IVFESA will host the Central Idaho Fire Academy.  Please visit the Annual Conference page for more information.
  • In 2011, IVFESA was awarded a $2.8 million SAFER Grant to Recruit & Retain Volunteers.  The State Tuition Reimbursement as Incentive for Volunteer Emergency Responders (STRIVE) Grant offers tuition reimbursement to up to 500 current and new volunteers throughout the four year life of the grant.  Eligible volunteers or their immediate family members may receive up to $5,000 per year reimbursement for every two years of volunteer commitment.  Visit for more information.
  • $10,000 Automatic AD&D policy – IVFESA members automatically receive a $10,000 accidental death & dismemberment policy upon joining.

IVFESA continues to work toward increasing member benefits. Feel free to provide suggestions for any additional benefits you would like IVFESA to offer in order to better support the volunteer Fire & EMS community.