Volunteering does more than just give back to the community – it gives back to you, too.

College Tuition Reimbursement for you or your immediate family is available just by volunteering.

Up to $5,000 a year is available for tuition reimbursement – just by volunteering for 2 years!


In 2010, IVFESA received a $2.4 million grant to provide up to $5,000 of college tuition and educational expense reimbursements to 125 volunteers each year through 2015.  By agreeing to a 2 year commitment to an Idaho Department, volunteers are eligible to receive reimbursement for Idaho college tuition and education expense  - for themselves or their immediate family.

  • The field of study can be chosen by the participant and can include Fire Science.
  • Active volunteer in good standing with their department.
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA and meet the academic requirements of the institution.
  • Meet the minimum training requirements for the sponsor department.
  • Volunteer commitment can be fulfilled concurrent with education or immediately following.

More information about the STRIVE program and guidelines is available in the Admin Guide which can be downloaded by selecting the link on the below or calling (800)Fire Line.


ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDE – (Updating – Please Check Back Soon)

STRIVE Application Final

Reimbursement Request Form



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